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Pistol Gunsmith Services

Gregg, Kote & Dagger

Below is a list of some of the more common Pistol Gunsmith Services. You may also check out the list of other services on the left, including Cerakote, AR Services, Other Long Gun Services and Framework/Stipling.

Pistol Gunsmith Services include but are not limited to these items below. Please note for many of these services, some guns are more complicated and require more time than others; nevertheless, the "starting at" price can help give you a ballpark idea. The experts at Kote & Dagger can talk with you to determine the best approach for your particular firearm.

Description    Starting At:
  • Field Strip & Clean   
  • DCOA (Disassemble, Clean, Safety Check, Oil/Lubricate, Assemble)
  • Sight Installation (Glock-style)
$10 off sight installation when sights purchased on site save $10
  • Mount Optic
  • Zero Optic (ammo not included)
  • Mount & Zero Optic Combo   
  • Aftermarket Parts Installation
  • Aftermarket Trigger Installation   
  • Action Enhancement   


  • Diagnosis & Repair