Tactical Carbine (Move & Shoot)

The Tactical Carbine class offers 2 hours of training on all aspects of tactical rifle use. This range-only course, designed for those interested in guidance in tactical rifle techniques, gets you out of the lanes and in front of the line. Course objectives include proper tactical manipulation of the rifle for maximum speed and performance, overcoming malfunctions and more. Students should have a semi-automatic AR-15 or any similar type combat style rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition. Students also need to provide eye and ear protection. Low power optics are welcome (optics with low or no magnification work best for the course of fire). Extra magazines are recommended. $75 (2 hrs.)

Prerequisite: AR Fundamentals or equivalent.

Required equipment: AR with iron sights or optic and 100 rounds of ammunition.

Dates: TBD

AR Fundamentals

This newly-designed and expanded class will help you really get to know your AR. Through classroom discussion, demonstration and dry-fire practice, you’ll become much better acquainted with this versatile platform. Then head to the range for live-fire practice, further learning how to use your AR most effectively while instilling robust safety practices. This class will also include an introduction to the concepts of effectively zeroing your AR with tips and tricks from our expert staff. $75 (3-3.5 hours)

Prerequisite: None

Required equipment: AR with iron sights or optic and 100 rounds of ammunition.

Dates: Stop in our sign up here.


Lower: Learn to Build
Lower: Learn to Build

AR (Lower) Build Class

Goal: Leave the class with a fully-functioning, complete AR lower that you assembled! As an option, add one of our complete uppers and leave the class with a fully functioning rifle that you assembled.

In this 4-hour class, we’ll teach you how to 1) build your lower receiver and 2) assemble it with the complete upper of your choice. We’ll walk you through every step of the process. You’ll learn a ton and have fun along the way. This class also includes a quick test fire of your new lower!

You have two pricing options (see step 1 below).

Step 1: Build the Lower

  • Option 1: $199 (our class, your supplies)
    • Option 1 allows you to get instruction and build the lower with supplies you provide (see complete list below). Tools will be on hand for you to use. Purchase Option 1 AR Build Class here.
  • Option 2: $379 (all-inclusive class with stripped lower and supplies provided)
    • Option 2 means we’ll provide you with a standard lower and all AR parts (standard stripped lower receiver; buffer tube, buffer & buffer spring; grip and buttstock). Purchase Option 2 AR Build Class here.

Step 2: Pick an Upper from our large inventory of over 100 uppers (optional add-on).

  • Get an overview of the different features, then pick the upper that best fits your needs.
  • As part of the class, receive a 5% discount on any of our complete uppers; prices before discount range from Standard ($449), Select ($499), Premium ($549) to Elite ($599).
  • If you already own an appropriate complete upper for your project, bring it along. (Added cost: $0.)
  • If you don’t want an upper at this time, you’ll still be able to test fire your new lower with one of our uppers. (Added cost: $0)

Lower supplies needed (if you choose the $199 Lower Build Option 1, these are the supplies you’ll need to bring):

  • Stripped lower receiver
  • Lower parts kit with trigger assembly
  • Back plate
  • Castle nut
  • Buffer tube w/corresponding spring and buffer
  • Buttstock (or pistol brace)
  • Pistol grip (unless your lower receiver has one already)
  • Magazine and ammo for test firing


No additional tools are necessary for you to build your lower and assemble your firearm. However, if you’d like to purchase tools like the ones used in class, we’ll offer a 5% discount that evening:

  • AR15 Master Bench Block
  • AR Accu-Punch Hammer and AR 15 Pin Punch Set
  • AR15 Pivot Pin Tool
  • AR15 Smart Mat, to keep all the small parts organized and contained

Dates: TBD

Private Training Sessions

Tailored, one-on-one training to meet your needs, including classroom time, range time or both. We will match you with the most appropriate 22three instructor to help you accomplish your goals. 1 person = $40 (1/2 hr.); $70 (1 hr.); 2 people = $90 (1 hr.)

Signing up: If you would like 1 hour of private instruction for 1 person, call, stop in, or follow this link to sign up online. If you would like to sign up for more people or a shorter length of time, please, call, stop in, or email See you soon!