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Private Training Sessions

Tailored, one-on-one training to meet your needs, including classroom time, range time or both. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you'll learn a ton and have fun along the way.

1 person = $75 (1 hr.); 2 people = $95 (1 hr.).

Intermediate/Advanced, in-front-of-the-line instruction: 1 person = $110 (1 hr.)

For all our training sessions, safety is our top priority. Our instructors work hard to take the mystery out of firearms, helping you to be safe and do well. When you have a better understanding of what the firearm(s) will and will not do, it quickly becomes a much more understandable tool (and you'll quickly realize you can be good at this!)

Signing UpSign Up Online via this link. You can also call or stop in. Additionally, you may email if you want a shorter lesson, longer lesson, intermediate or advanced training, if you have more than 2 people, or if you have any special questions or considerations. 

What You'll Need:

  • hearing/eye protection,
  • ammunition
  • firearm (no-cost rentals available if needed)
  • waiver on file

You will need hearing and eye protection, so if you have that already, please bring them along. If you don’t have some already, we have a variety for sale here. Any time you practice (which we hope you do often!), you’ll need those, so no better time to pick them up than now.

Other than the lesson itself and basic hearing and eye protection, your only other expense will be a little bit of ammo in the calibers you plan to shoot. And you can decide on caliber part-way through the lesson if you’d like. For new shooters, it's sometimes easier to decide once you’ve worked with the instructor for a little bit; plus, your instructor may have some recommendations for you.

There is no charge for renting firearms when it’s part of a training session.

And lastly, everyone who goes onto the range needs to watch our safety video and sign our online waiver. You can do that here at our kiosk or ahead of time from any computer or smart device. It can be found on the bottom right corner of every page on our web site -- -- under "Sign Our Waiver".