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You never know when we may be hiring, so we're always open to talking with individuals who may be a good fit. Must have weekend and/or some evening availability.

If you're knowledgeable about firearms and want to work for an organization that values you, give us a shout. Keep reading to find out more about 22three, what we value, and information about various positions. 

About 22three

22three Inc. is Warren County’s leading indoor shooting range located in Lebanon, Ohio. In business since 2011 as a store and training center, 22three expanded to its current location and built the indoor shooting range in 2017. On site is a store, training facility, and of course, the shooting range. 22three currently employs more than two dozen staff members. If you're interested in applying, please read to the bottom for more information about our company and application instructions.

22three Goals

At 22three, we work to provide the highest quality services possible for our customers. Along with being knowledge, 22three staff members are naturally polite, consistently friendly and intentionally helpful.

22three Values

At 22three, we value:

  • Professionalism & Respect
  • Integrity, Honesty & Trust
  • High-Quality Products and Services

In addition to the above values, we work to put others first, be receptive to ideas, mentor, and give credit where credit is due.


Many staffers fill multiple roles at 22three. For example, many members of our sales team also work periodic shifts as Range Safety Officers, and vice versa. Some only serve in one capacity.

At 22three, out team includes:

  • Sales Team / Range Check-In
  • Range Safety Officers
  • Sales Leads
  • Store Managers
  • Gunsmiths (provided through Kote & Dagger Customs)
  • Instructors

Sales Team/Range Check-In

Sales Team Members serve customers and other team members by providing sales assistance, maintaining a positive environment, and keeping the store well ordered. Team members are responsible for helping drive sales and maintaining efficient operation of the store through product knowledge and uplifting one-on-one interaction with customers. Range check-in personnel provide a key point of contact as well, assisting customers at the range and firearm rental counter.

Range Safety Officers

Range Safety Officers (RSOs) serve customers by overseeing safe shooting on the range. RSOs represent 22three’s principles and provide extremely valuable, positive interactions with all our range users.

Sales Leads/Supervisors

Sales Leads work as lead sales associates. This position encompasses all the responsibilities of Sales and Range Check-In Team Members with additional, supervisory responsibilities.


22three works extremely closely with Kote & Dagger Customs, housed within our facility. Kote & Dagger is growing rapidly, in large part because of the quality of the person at the helm. Hop on over to the Gunsmith section of our website to read about Kote & Dagger Customs and the services they provide.


22three currently employs 8 instructors, teaching everything from basic firearms safety to advanced, tactical training classes. Some courses include the every-popular CCW class, Pistol First Steps, Countering the Mass Shooter Threat, Trauma and First Aid Fundamentals, next-level pistol training classes, AR/carbine classes, competition shooting seminars, and many many private training sessions on these and other topics. For courses with standard criteria, such as CCW, we currently use USCCA curriculum.

Interested in Applying?

If you're interested in applying, please email our office administrator: Trudy@22three.com. She'll be happy to send you a 22three Application and Applicant Interest Form.