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Professional Cerakote® Application


Kote & Dagger Customs specializes in professional, oven-cured Cerakote® application that is both practical and beautiful.

Cerakote® stands up to corrosion, protects better, and endures.

Through the unique chemical composition and application process, you'll get an amazingly durable, strong, and attractive protective finish that can be applied to firearms, knives and other products such as sports equipment.

Cerakote® provides a coating superior to other common finishes, including anodizing, blueing, nitride, PVD, high-temp powder, Teflon(R), and Xylan(R). 

Prices include assembly and disassembly (for most firearms). Due to added prep time, additional charges may apply if a firearm is excessively dirty.

Handgun Slides/Uppers/Lowers

Item    Slide/Upper    Frame/Lower
Polymer, Striker-Fired    $75    $75
Hammer-Fired (including 1911s)    $85    $120
Revolver    $45 cylinder    $150


Long Gun Receivers

Item    Cost
Semi-Auto Frame/Lower    $150
Bolt- /Pump-Action Frame/Lower    $150
Lever-Action Frame/Lower    $150
AR Style Upper    $75
AR Style Lower    $75
AK Style Lower    $150


Complete Cerakote Packages

Description    Handgun    Long Gun
Battle Worn    $195    $250
3-Color Freehand    $275    $395
4-Color Freehand    $325    $435
Kryptec    $500    $650
Multi-Cam    $350    $500
Additional Color     $35    $45
Stenciling, Simple    $25    $35
Stenciling, Complex    $50    $50
Optics, starting at $100


Moving Parts/Barrels

Description    Moving Parts    Barrel      
Polymer, Striker Fired  $45 $35
Hammer-Fired (including 1911s) $50 $35
Revolver $75  
Semi-Auto Longgun $50 $75
Bolt-/Pump-Action Longgun $50 $65
Lever-Action Longgun   $85
AR Style $45 $45
AK Style $45 $75



Description    Cost
1911-Style Grips    $35
Revolver Grips    $35
Polymer Long Gun Grip/Stock    $100
Wood Long Gun Grip/Stock    $150
ARs & AKs (A2 or M4 Style)    $30
ARs & AKs (Tactical Style)    $110
Magazine base, one    $15
Magazine base, two    $35
AR & AK style handguard    $75
AR & AK style bolt carrier group    $50