Rental Gun
Rental Gun

Rental Policies

Renting a gun is a great way to have fun or try before you buy!

Our rental pistols, revolvers and rifles are available to rent for $15 and can be swapped for other rental guns during the same visit at no additional charge. You can keep the same gun throughout your visit or try numerous different models, all for just $15.

In addition to the designated rental guns listed here, we'll let you try most of our used guns for just $15 as well.


Manufacturer Model Caliber
DANIEL DEFENSE   DDM4 PDW 300 blackout
GLOCK 17 Gen 5 9mm
GLOCK 17 in pistol conv. kit 9mm
GLOCK    19 Gen 5    9mm
GLOCK    19 Gen 5 MOS    9mm
GLOCK    21 Gen 4    45 acp
GLOCK 34 MOS 9mm
GLOCK 42 .380 acp
GLOCK 43 9mm
GLOCK 43X 9mm
GLOCK  44    .22 LR
GLOCK    45    9mm
GLOCK  48 9mm
RUGER    LCP MAX    .380 acp
RUGER    MARK IV    .22 LR
SIG SAUER P320 M17    9mm
SIG SAUER P320 RX Compact   9mm
SIG SAUER P320 XCarry Compact  9mm
SIG SAUER    P365    .380 acp
SIG SAUER    P365    9mm
SILENCERCO    Maxim 9 (suppressed)    9mm
SMITH & WESSON    Bodyguard w/laser .380 acp
SMITH & WESSON    M&P (full size)  9mm
SMITH & WESSON    M&P Shield 2.0  9mm
SMITH & WESSON    M&P Shield EZ     .380 acp
SMITH & WESSON    M&P Shield EZ     9mm
SMITH & WESSON    M&P Shield Plus 9mm
SMITH & WESSON    SD40    40 S&W
SMITH & WESSON   Victory   .22 LR
SPRINGFIELD      Hellcat    9mm   
SPRINGFIELD    1911 A-1    45 acp   
TAURUS    G2C    9mm   
TAURUS    TX-22    .22 LR


SMITH & WESSON    60  .357 Mag
SMITH & WESSON Bodyguard w/laser .38 Spl


CRICKETT    CRICKETT (youth rifle)    .22 LR
RUGER      10/22 w/optic    .22 LR
RUGER      PC Carbine       9mm
RUGER    Precision .22 LR
SMITH & WESSON     M&P-15     5.56
SMITH & WESSON    M&P 15-22 .22 LR
SMITH & WESSON       M&P Volunteer XV w/optic 5.56