ICS Challenge Coin

Intro to Competitive Shooting Clinics

Proficiency. Capability. Responsibility. These 2-hr modular clinics introduce new and average shooters to the skills used in IDPA-style amateur competition. Call, stop in, or sign up online.

Who: Shooters looking for a fun way to practice with others; shooters seeking to learn about and test their skills through competition.

Why: Have fun shooting under time pressure against other shooters. Receive friendly coaching in an encouraging, fun environment.

Be better. Be ready.

When: Most Mondays, see our schedule for details

So, bring a friend and work through 22three's Intro to Competitive Shooting (ICS) training modules.

Complete all 6 primary ICS training modules and earn 22three's ICS Challenge Coin.

Prerequisite: Quality CCW class or equivalent.

Cost/Time: $30/2-hr (each)

Intro to Competitive Shooting (ICS) Clinics Include:


ICS — Managing Recoil & Multiple Targets

ICS — Competitive Draw

ICS — Reloads

ICS — Moving to Shoot & Shooting While Moving

ICS — Position Shooting

ICS — Gear, Table Starts & Props

ICS — Women's Class*

*The Women's Class covers the same material you'll find in our other modules, but in an all-female class. Topics will vary between all the Intro to Competitive Shooting modules.