Get Fit. Get Tactical.

TacFit 6-Week Challenge 2019

A unique combined training experience from 22three and MesserFit.

Become measurably stronger and more fit through MesserFit’s expert exercise, nutrition and support. And at 22three, increase your defensive firearm accuracy with move and shoot, tactical pistol training.

From MesserFit, you’ll receive 6 weeks of intense exercise, nutrition and support:

Exercise: 3 cutting-edge workouts PER WEEK with the coolest FitFam and the most amazing coaches everrrr – all at the MesserFit gym designed to shed fat, build muscles, and boost metabolism

Nutrition: Personal custom meal plan to eliminate guesswork; Personal grocery list to save time and money (folks normally save $70/wk in groceries); Personal food prep instructions (so easy my 13-yr-old can do it in under 2 hrs/wk; 60 Done-­For-­You Recipes so you never have to ask yourself, “What am I going to make tonight?"

Support: A Personal Accountability Coach to help with constant progress, motivation & STICKING TO IT!; A community of like-minded locals all working toward the same thing; An online group of cool peeps for motivation, fun, and events

From 22three, you’ll receive 12-hours of tactical firearm training:

  • Participate in 12-hours of tactical firearm training classes*
  • Learn to move and shoot, and shoot from behind cover
  • Learn defensive awareness and how to engage multiple threats
  • Test your limits by shooting from alternative positions, including prone, supine, and roll over positions and, yes, shooting out a car window
  • Learn best practices for and experience shooting in low light (or no light)

*Tactical pistol trainings will take place every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. for the 6-week program, beginning 1/9/19. Cost includes rental of handgun and hearing & eye protection if needed, but does not include cost of ammunition.

Follow this link to purchase the combined training experience ($499) on the MesserFit web site, or email