Intermediate Firearms Training

Defensive Pistol 1

This more tactical pistol class is a 2-hour, range-only class. As a first-level advanced course, Defensive Pistol helps students further further improve fundamentals to fire faster and gain accuracy – showing students how to best use cover and think on their feet while engaging multiple targets. Students should be prepared to demonstrate the ability to load, unload and safely handle their firearm at the opening of the course. Students will need reliable handgun, 200 rounds of ammunition and eye and ear protection. Extra magazines and a holster are recommended. $75 (2-hr)

Tactical Carbine 1

This range-only course offers 2 hours of training on all aspects of tactical rifle use including proper tactical manipulation of the rifle for maximum speed and performance, overcoming malfunctions and more. Students should have a semi-automatic AR-15 or similar, 200 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection, and extra magazines. Low power optics are welcome (optics with low or no magnification work best for the course of fire). $75 (2-hr)