Basic Firearms Training


By far our most popular training class, our 8-hour CCW program includes 6 hours classroom and 2 hours practical range training. This class covers firearm safety, actions of various guns (how they function), 5 fundamentals for shooting well, how to properly care for your firearms, and the do’s and don’ts of Ohio law related to owning and potentially using a firearm in a defensive situation. We enjoy helping new and experienced shooters gain knowledge and advance their skills. $119 (8-hr)

Pistol First Steps

This new shooter orientation class introduces basic pistol safety and functioning, including small-group live-fire range time to put what you’ve learned into practice. $25 (3-hr)

CCW Refresher

This class focuses on Ohio law as well as pistol shooting fundamentals and live-fire practice with instructors on hand to help you continually improve your shooting. The legal portion includes a thorough review of updates and pending updates to concealed carry laws in Ohio as well as a discussion of reasonable force and deadly force requirements.  This class is great for out-of-state permit holders who need to “pick up” Ohio legal and/or live fire training to obtain an Ohio permit*; and the CCW holder who wants a refresher on Ohio law and pistol shooting fundamentals. *The Sheriff’s Department, not 22three, determines if an out-of-state permit holder can obtain an Ohio permit with this training combined with his or her out-of-state permit. $75 (3-hr)

AR Fundamentals

This introductory AR class acquaints new shooters with the AR-15 platform. Through classroom discussion, demonstration and dry-fire practice, we will instruct students on how to most effectively use an AR. A review of disassembly and AR cleaning and maintenance is included as is a short live-fire session to further help students become accustomed with this versatile platform. $75 (2-hr)

Private Training Sessions

Tailored, one-on-one training to meet your needs, including classroom time, range time or both. We will match you with the most appropriate 22three instructor to help you accomplish your goals. $40 (1/2 hr.); $75 (1 hr.)